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The Line

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Have you ever taken a moment to draw a line in the sand of your own life?

starting line

Have you ever taken a moment to draw a line in the sand of your own life? It could be as dramatic as proclaiming, "I'm cutting ties with you forever!" or as personal as declaring, "I must break this destructive habit!" Lines like these are woven into the tapestry of our existence, representing pivotal moments of decision-making. But among all these lines, my absolute favorite is the "starting line." The starting line isn't just a mere mark on the ground; it's a threshold brimming with hope, new opportunities, and uncharted goals. When we stand at the precipice of a new beginning, we carry with us the powerful gift of vision. These starting lines symbolize the choices we make, and there's an electric excitement that courses through us when those choices involve a fresh start.

True, we may set lofty goals and lay out well-intentioned plans, only to stumble and falter along the way. But that's the beauty of it all. Every misstep doesn't signify defeat; it's a chance to redraw that starting line and muster the determination to finish strong. Inevitably, we'll encounter setbacks more than once on our journey, but the silver lining is this: we possess the ability to draw another starting line. As the days stretch into weeks, months, and even years, we look back and see a tapestry of these starting lines etched across the canvas of our life's journey. Perhaps we haven't arrived precisely where we initially envisioned, but one thing is certain— we're no longer where we once were. The secret lies in persistently drawing those starting lines.

With that said, it's important to acknowledge that it's perfectly okay not to be okay at times. Life can be tough, and we all have moments of struggle. But it's equally crucial to remember that it's not okay to remain in that state indefinitely. So, when the weight of life bears down, seize the opportunity to draw a new starting line, and with unwavering determination, endeavor to finish well!


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