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I Do It All “Except”

What areas in your life are running well - except for _______ (fill in the blank)?

Many times the exception is the true demon.

This was the case with one of the wisest, blessed and wealthiest kings of all times - King Solomon. When he took control of his new Kingdom, the author of the book of Kings wrote:

“Solomon showed he loved the Lord by following the commands his father David had given him, except many other places of worship were still used to offer sacrifices and to burn incense.” ‭‭(1 Kings‬ ‭3‬:‭3‬ ‭NCV‬)

As you follow King Solomon’s life, you’ll see those places of worship causing all sorts of issues with multiple wives, concubines, and adopting the wrongful worship styles and beliefs. These were the things (the exceptions) that both his father and God warned him about.

Why is it we don’t head wise and Godly warnings?

If you find yourself saying “It’s all going well in my life, except … “, It may be time to look at that exception.

Typically, all bad things start small and can almost go unnoticed. It’s wise to analyze our life on a regular basis. It’s also wise to get an outside opinion. Because at the end of the day, as Jeremiah said “The heart is wicked above all things, who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)

Self-deception cannot be detected alone. You need an outside source. A great start is to look at the six main areas of your life; spiritual, physical, educational, professional, family and social.

Which area in your life needs attention? If it has grown larger than you like, why is that? Are you seeking outside help? Are you sufficiently disturbed about it?

There’s’ nothing like giving life it’s best and asking God to be first in our life. He’s the creator, we are the creation. He’s life, love, protector and provider. God will guide in every area of life and even rescue us when we are in deep trouble.

LORD, help us evaluate and desire your ways in every area of our life. Help us pray and ask for direction. IJNIP ♥️


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