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What Does It Mean To Praise The Lord?

When you read in the Bible “Praise the Lord” what does that mean and how do you do that?

Do you just say the words “Praise the Lord?” How would you describe it?

The Author of Psalms wrote “The Lord’s name should be praised now and forever. No one is like the Lord our God, who rules from heaven, who bends down to look at the skies and the earth.” (Psalms‬ ‭113‬:‭2‬, ‭5‬-‭6‬ ‭NCV‬)

He somewhat shares “why” we should praise - “because no one is like God”.

Praising God is the joyful recounting of what God has done for us. Alsong with praising God, many people have trouble connecting to praise songs at church.

For me, it’s helpful to visualize Christ healing out of love, being beaten on my behalf and being crucified “for me personally”. I try to visualize Him saying “Father please forgive Tim for his sins - I paid for them on his behalf”.

I visualize Christ saying to God, “Please grant Tim eternal life because I paid for his sins personally.” That’s a huge deal.

If you stop and think about that, we should have a ton of gratification for salvation. And that gratification produces praise.

Imagine someone coming to your home or work and doing such a sizable and generous on-going act - every day for the rest of your days - you would probably praise, compliment and be genuinely grateful for that person.

The bottom line is if we are still alive and have breath in our lungs, we are able to decide to believe in Christ, trust in his work for our eternal life and live-out our gratification, all producing praise.

Everything we have, our life, health, skills and forgiveness is free, graciously offered by God, paid for by Christ and supported by The Holy Spirit.

The next time you stop and ponder that - just think about stopping and thanking and praising God.

LORD, every day, we enjoy salvation if we trust in what Christ did for us. Just - thank you. And thank you a thousand times. Help us be thankful constantly and bring it to our mind and heart please. IJNIP amen ♥️


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