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Is God Really “Real”?

When you think of God, what comes to mind?

When you pray, what visual do you have in your head of God? How much do you pray to God, to Jesus and to The Holy Spirit?

Do you have prayers of thanking God for blessings, for saving your soul and appreciation. Or do you pray mostly when you are in need?

Do you see God as one with eyes, a mouth, a mind and an unlimited level of knowledge, wisdom and power?

When you pray to Him, do you see Jesus in heaven with Him? As a Christ follower, do you see The Holy Spirit on earth, inside of your body and communicating and helping simultaneously with Jesus and God?

How familar are you with King Hezekiah’s experiences and prayers to God?

One time, King Hezekiah was threatened by the largest and most evil King around. The King of Assyria sent a threat letter to Hezekiah.

“When Hezekiah received the letter from the messengers and read it, he went up to the Temple of the Lord. He spread the letter out before the Lord and prayed to the Lord:” (2 Kings 19:14 NCV)

King Hezekiah prayed, “Lord, God of Israel, whose throne is between the gold creatures with wings, only you are God of all the kingdoms of the earth. You made the heavens and the earth. Now, Lord our God, save us from the king’s power so that all the kingdoms of the earth will know that you, Lord, are the only God.” (2 Kings‬ ‭19‬:‭15‬, ‭19‬ ‭NCV‬‬)

God was very real to Hezekiah. He trusted that his prayer was heard. God rescued Hezekiah in a miraculous way. I suppose you have to have faith to even believe in the story of King Hezekiah.

What do you need to pray about? If you have trouble believing and trusting, ask God to help you believe. He will.

LORD, I see you. I see Christ. I believe and trust you. I believe that The Holy Spirit will elp me with my leukemia decision. I trust you for life. Help me share my faith with others and grow their faith as well. IJNIP amen ♥️


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