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How To Get Through Hard Times

What is your strategy for getting through hard times? The simple answer is trust God and call on Him.

I know, it sounds preachy and religous. Stay with me please.

King Solomon wrote; “If the Lord doesn’t build the house, the builders are working for nothing. If the Lord doesn’t guard the city, the guards are watching for nothing. It is no use for you to get up early and stay up late, working for a living. The Lord gives sleep to those he loves.” (Psalms‬ ‭127‬:‭1‬-‭2‬ ‭NCV‬)

As unrealistic or arbitrary as it can sound, the best thing to do during the good days, and the bad - is to stay close to God. The Bible refers to this as “walking with God”.

Walking with God means that you read His word. Pray to Him. Praise Him, even in the storm. Ask Him for help. And the list goes on. Why is this?

Because as Solomon says, if you don’t, it’s all vain. It’s a waste.

As of 3 days ago, they say I have Leukemia. I don’t feel sick. They said my bone marrow biopsy yesterday would be sore. I feel great and have zero soreness. God is blessing me in the storm.

I know, some think, well Tim, the storm is coming. I recognize that, however “today” God is blessing me beyond measure. I don’t live future days that have not arrived. I live today and only today.

And, for me, if God says so - the storm will never come. He has a way through the storm.

Many worry upon bad news. As Solomon says; “God gives me sleep because I love Him.” So even with so-called bad news, I sleep well.

I know it can sound like religious psycho-babble, but with great experience, from many years, up to today, I’m telling you it’s real - He is real and His peace is real.

GOD is how you get through hard times. Christ saves us. The Holy Spirit helps us. And God oversees it all, orchestrates the craziest of details and will help you though it all.

He may not give an alternate route around the valley, but he will be with you as you travel through it. You can move forward in your own wisdom, strength and plans - or you can trust God. It’s your choice.

LORD, you love us so much, but for some reason, some just don’t believe or trust it. I do and I will. Help me please. Heal me please. Please strengthen me and bless me through the journey. You are awesome, even on the hardest of days. Thank you for making my journey easy. IJNIP amen ♥️

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