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How To Enjoy The Journey

How would you describe “enjoying the journey” of life?

I had a boat captain tell me during a boat demo “Tim, you seem like a destination guy” - I told him I was. He said “That’s not how you boat.” He said “Boating is about enjoying the journey, not the destination.”

Hiking is that way too. I’ve been with those wanting to arrive and they missed the beautiful journey along the way.

Many people look forward to the grand experience or the awesome memory. We chase the highs. This is how addictions are birthed; always looking for the ecstasies.

However, life can’t be made of those things on a day to day basis. What then?

When the exposure to the awesome trip, or buying the new thing or engaging in the new relationship are over - what then? When these new things become old - what then?

The Psalmist wrote “Your rules give me pleasure; they give me good advice.” (Psalms‬ ‭119‬:‭24‬ ‭NCV‬‬)

The goal of enjoying the journey is to find the pleasure in God’s rules, all provided for our good. It sounds religous, but let me explain.

Extending love, gernrously helping and giving to others are opportunities to create an incredible journey.

Or just sitting and listening to the wind through the leaves, just enjoying the outdoors - this type of thing is the journey. And there’s thousands of them and many can even be created by you and me.

Also, God sends certain joys our way as we seek and follow Him. It’s quite amazing if we will let it happen.

The truism is that there are many more opportunities for small pleasures, showing kindness, forgiving and loving and these kind of things make up the journey.

And yes, along the way, you may be able to afford the big event and capture the grand memory. But when it’s over - what then?

My advice is to plant yourself where you can grow. Live in a place you can enjoy waking and going to bed. Learn to enjoy “the present” - right where you are. In the place where you work and live.

There are countless opportunities to enjoy the journey.

As the Psalmist said, just follow God’s rules and you’ll find pleasures. And His rules provide counsel and good advice. All designed to help you enjoy the journey of life and finish well.

LORD, help me enjoy today, right now and live in the present. Help me see you in the daily, simple things. Help me extend love to others, and worship you in it all. Help me enjoy my journey, starting right now. IJNIP amen♥️


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