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Updated: Dec 12, 2023

How proficient are you at maintaining equilibrium among the crucial facets of your life?

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How proficient are you at maintaining equilibrium among the crucial facets of your life? Do one or two aspects tend to overshadow others, causing imbalances? How do you manage to keep all these different areas in check? It's safe to say that most of us would agree, "It's not an easy feat." I've personally observed individuals who excel in their careers but find their family life in disarray. Conversely, there are those who dedicate substantial time to fitness and enjoy excellent health, yet other aspects of their lives deteriorate. The list of potential imbalances is extensive.

6 primary dimensions in life chart

So, what are the primary dimensions in your life?

Allow me to share six that have been imparted to me in the past, in the following order of priority:

1) Spiritual

2) Educational

3) Physical

4) Professional

5) Family

6) Social

You might wonder why I've arranged them in this particular sequence, and the rationale is straightforward. I believe that God represents life and love, and as the ultimate giver and taker, He must come first. Following that is the acquisition of wisdom and knowledge from His teachings on how to lead our lives. This forms the foundation of genuine wisdom.

Physical health is rated high because it's imperative to maintain our well-being and strength. Good health affords us a high quality of life. The professional aspect occupies the fourth position because without the means to earn a decent living, we cannot adequately provide for our families and others. This doesn't imply that our profession should take precedence over our family. The first four aspects of life essentially charge our metaphorical batteries. If we fail to charge these first, we won't be in a position to assist and support others.

Family comes before friends because, in moments of scarcity, our investments should first go towards our families. Although friends and our social life occupy the sixth spot, nurturing strong friendships that aid our personal growth and hold us accountable is a valuable asset to our lives. All six dimensions demand nurturing, maintenance, and balance. Our life objective is to elevate each of these aspects as close to a perfect ten as possible on a scale of 1-10.

Balancing life can be exhilarating and challenging, offering us purpose, focus, and the potential for success. Stay resolute, stay focused, establish goals, set deadlines, and I hope you can maintain that delicate balance.


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